RN Transition to Practice Program

Wed April 16, 2014

Statewide and national interest continues to grow related to RN residencies.  The April 2014 issue of Nurse Educator features an article on competence gaps among new nurse graduates and how RN Transition Programs and residencies can serve as valuable bridges.  We are pleased to have this article in print, authored by CINHC’s Program Director, Nikki West, and RN Transition Program leads in California.  For a copy of the article, visit Nurse Educator

 On March 27, 2014, CINHC led a webinar on the topic of RN Transition Programs.  The webinar was hosted by the Center to Champion Nursing in America (CCNA) in partnership with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.  Over 300 people registered for the event, which was Part II of a two-part series on innovation and best practice with nurse residency programs across the nation.  Feedback has been positive regarding this true academic-practice collaborative model for preparing new graduate RNs.  A recorded version of the webinar is on the CCNA website at http://campaignforaction.org/webinars.

 CINHC provides consulting assistance to organizations implementing RN Transition Programs.  Consulting levels range from:

§  High Level Advisement, which includes needs assessment, options for implementation and a planning framework.

§  Intermediate Advisement, which includes guided planning with key stakeholders to explore feasibility, identifying required resources, and providing Transition Program tools and templates.

§  CINHC Direct Support and Management, which includes CINHC management and implementation of a Transition Program for your location.

For more information and to discuss options, contact Nikki West, CINHC Program Director at Nikki@cinhc.org or (510) 832-8400.