Concerning Trends in Newly Licensed RN Employment and Social Determinants of Health

Fri October 1, 2021

Since 2010, HealthImpact has conducted an employment survey of newly licensed RNs.  In 2019, we included questions related to social determinants of health and education and asked the newly licensed RNs to report on their experiences both when they were in nursing school and in the workforce.

Changes between 2019 and 2020 revealed that the factors of significant concern included having access to educational materials and supplies, a decreased confidence in paying back student debt, and insecurity of housing, food, utilities, childcare, and transportation. Significant increases in discrimination and bias was seen in the areas of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, and political affiliation either while in nursing school or in the workplace.

You can access the full report by clicking on this LINK.

The secondary report, 2020 Supplemental Data Analysis – Academic Progression is HERE.