In order to better meet the health needs of the increasingly diverse California population, the nursing workforce should mirror the state’s communities. HealthImpact is committed to increasing diversity in nursing in order to provide culturally competent care. That means recruiting an ethnically diverse nursing workforce, as well as men, who are underrepresented in nursing. As nursing shifts more care from acute care settings into community-based sites, it is more important than ever that RNs reflect the communities they serve. As members of care teams, nurses can bring a deep understanding of how language, culture, gender, age and socioeconomic status impact health. We work to further the discussion on how best to promote diversity in nursing with a range of stakeholders including the California Action Coalition and the California Campaign for Men in Nursing.

The California Action Coalition

The California Action Coalition (CA AC) is committed to the Future of Nursing Campaign for Action’s goal of diversifying the nursing workforce so that it more accurately reflects state demographics. The CA AC recognizes the need to recruit and advance diverse students; mentor, coach and support students; advance partnerships with underrepresented groups, including men, in nursing; and increase diversity of faculty and researchers. In a state as large and diverse as California it is important to pursue inclusivity and acknowledge differences related to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and geographic distribution (urban/rural) as a means to best serve our various populations. The CA AC has drafted a diversity plan and will be hosting Diversity in Nursing Summits across the state in 2017 — stay tuned for more information about locations and times.

For more information: Mary@healthimpact.org

The California Campaign for Men in Nursing

The campaign promotes participation in the American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN), at both national and local levels, and encourages members to launch new AAMN chapters throughout California. It provides career counseling for young men in nursing programs, as well as men considering nursing as a career option. It is a professional network enabling men in nursing to exchange ideas for innovation and provide professional support.

Eleven AAMN chapters have been established in California since 2009. See www.aamn.org for a chapter near you!

For more information: rmpadventurer@sbcglobal.net