What is HealthImpact?

HealthImpact is devoted to improving the health of Californians by promoting a dynamic, well-prepared nursing workforce. In 2001, a group of nurse leaders across California saw the need for a comprehensive planning in the field of nursing. They launched HealthImpact (formerly the California Institute for Nursing and Healthcare-CINHC) as a forum for cooperation and sharing best practices across the State. As health care undergoes major changes, nurses play an ever-increasing role in providing care and keeping the public healthy. We bring together leaders in nursing, academia and policy to ensure that nursing stays ahead of the changes in our profession. We are a catalyst for innovation and promote the collaboration of partners from all areas in the field.

How is HealthImpact different from other efforts to address developments in nursing and health care?

HealthImpact is a neutral forum that partners with groups from a variety of perspectives to develop a unified voice and strategy. Our partners include other nursing organizations, health care providers, academic institutions, and policy makers. We share best practices across the State and have developed a sustainability plan to guide efforts to build our profession. We are rallying California’s 400,000 nurses to come up with practical solutions that will improve the health of the State’s communities.

How does HealthImpact benefit the people of California?

Our goal is to improve the health of Californians. As nurses we want to help create a system that is responsive to the needs of consumers and provides cost-effective, high quality care, while promoting health. We are passionate advocates for patients and their families.

How does HealthImpact benefit nurses?

HealthImpact focuses on solutions that revitalize the profession and plan for the future of nursing. We promote diversity in the workforce by supporting efforts to recruit underrepresented minorities and men. We also boost the image of nursing as a career choice and promote the professional practice of nursing.

We look for solutions to better prepare nurses for the day-to-day challenges they face. We want to make it easier for nurses to further their education and prepare for rapid changes in health care and growing demands on their skills.

Who funds HealthImpact and who makes decisions?

HealthImpact is a nonprofit organization funded by grants, individual donations, and fees from consulting services and materials. We are endorsed by California’s leading health care and nursing organizations.

Our Board of Directors governs HealthImpact.