HealthImpact Mentors: Nurses Helping Nurses

Who We Are

HealthImpact Mentors is a mentorship program that provides a unique opportunity for an individual (mentee) to connect with and be supported by an experienced nurse (mentor) to learn and grow professionally. Mentees are matched with a mentor utilizing a holistic, data-informed approach. The mentor provides guidance and feedback to the mentee to support goal achievement. The relationship enriches both the mentor and mentee and strengthens the nursing community and workforce to ultimately improve the quality of patient care.

HealthImpact Mentors facilitates the development of long-term relationships, which aims to support the mentee’s personal and professional growth and development.

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History and Background

HealthImpact Mentors, formerly known as Be1Support1, was founded by Berta Baumgardner, BSN, RN, PHN and Stefanie Schwartzler, BSN, RN, CCRN, PHN to establish and operate a volunteer-based mentorship program to support the personal and professional development of nursing students, new graduates, and nurses transitioning into a new role or department.

Be1Support1 honored and celebrated the life of Berta’s daughter, Angelina Rose Malfitano, December 12, 1983 – May 30, 2008. Angelina’s infectious smile, warm personality, and incredible tenacity for mentorship inspired and informed the development of Be1Support1. HealthImpact Mentors continues the remembrance and celebration of Angelina Rose Malfitano by ensuring her spirit remains both alive and interwoven into this program.

“We are all connected. I believe we all have the capacity to impact each other… join me in believing in the power of your impact as a mentor and as a teacher and as an individual in this world.”

– Angelina Malfitano