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Interprofessional excellence!


Rick's Story - Transitioning to the best job in the world!

How the RN Transition Program helped position Rick for his dream job.


Stephanie's Story

Given the rapidly changing health care delivery environment and competing priorities, Stephanie Leach of Kaiser Permanente agrees on the collaborative approach to care delivery transformation to meet consumer needs.

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California Action Coalition

Our task is to better prepare nurses to improve the health of the population.

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Good News in California!

67.3% of RNs in CA now hold a BSN or higher degree.

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Welcome to the HealthImpact home page!

Welcome to the HealthImpact home page!

Focused Impact Journal Articles Highlight Impact, Success of RN Transition Programs

This is an exciting time in nursing, as the profession responds to rapid changes in health care, including population based care that is more patient-centered. HealthImpact’s RN Transition Programs are preparing nurses for roles in the range of settings in which they increasingly needed. The Program is also a response to the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation to increase the number of nurse residency programs. Since the Program started, eight articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals about its design and impact.

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