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Faculty Survey Results on Online Teaching During COVID-19 Pandemic


Death, Through a Nurse's Eyes: A Commentary


Recipients of the 2020 Inaugural HealthImpact DAISY Nurse Leader Award in Policy Announced


Introducing the Benner Institute for Teaching and Learning

A Revolutionary Solution to Remake Nursing Education and Support Professional Development for Nursing Educators

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NEW! COVID-19 Resource Center

MEETING THE CHALLENGE: HealthImpact gathered subject matter experts to examine the demands of delivering care during this disaster. Visit the COVID-19 Resource Center to find the most current collection of resources and toolkits.

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Welcome to the HealthImpact home page!

Welcome to the HealthImpact home page!

Focused Impact Healthimpact has Solutions to the Student Nurse Clinical Rotation Cancellations

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced universities and colleges to cancel student nurse clinical rotations and mandate online-only instruction. Without completing this requisite, student nurses risk delays toward graduation. This will have a significant impact on the workforce and institutions that rely on these graduates to fill vacancies. In response to this critical need, HealthImpact supports simulation in clinical education. Resources include the California Simulation Alliance and NovEx.  Find out what NovEx has to offer: GO HERE.  Click the button below to learn more about the California Simulation Alliance.

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