Macy Foundation Blog: Clinical Learning Environments lead the fight against COVID-19


OB, Pediatrics, and Mental Health Simulations



NCSBN COVID-19 Courses for Students, New Graduates, and Nurses Returning to the Workforce

Online, self-paced, and free of charge courses are posted on the International Center for Regulatory Scholarship website.  3 provide CE credit.

  • Epidemiology and Modes of Transmission of COVID-19
  • Care of the Patient with COVID-19
  • Legal and Ethical Issues related to COVID-19
  • Hoaxes to Avoid during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Access through CHROME at the following WEBSITE:

California Simulation Alliance (Access to Distance Education; COVID-19 Information and Free Case Studies for Faculty)

Case Studies FREE through April 30th!



A special presentation for OADN Members by KT Waxman, Carol F. Durham, and the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH):  Use Simulation to Replace Much Needed, Lost Clinical Experiences due to COVID19: Strategies and Recommendations


Slides with embedded links

Clinical Replacement Resource

California Simulation Alliance YouTube

Virtual Healthcare Experience: A portal that provides students and professionals with an experiential learning opportunity for practicing client care in a safe virtual environment


Nursing Simulation Scenario: Postpartum Hemorrhage

Montgomery College LINK:

Tri County Hospital Leaders Give Prognosis on COVID-19 Impact