HealthImpact, a Valued Partner

Tue September 1, 2015

HealthImpact brings together seasoned leaders and new graduates representing multiple health care systems, schools, regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders to agree on ways nursing and team-based care may best serve their communities. The outcomes of HealthImpact’s collaborative efforts are used to inform nursing education and workforce planning strategies.

Given the rapidly changing health care delivery environment and competing priorities, Stephanie Leach of Kaiser Permanente agrees on the collaborative approach to care delivery transformation to meet consumer needs. “HealthImpact is well known for its professionalism and impartiality as a facilitator. They are insightful, trusted partners who thoughtfully engage stakeholders to drive change,” says Stephanie.

Stephanie has a long history with HealthImpact.  She began collaborating with the organization over eight years ago while she served as Assistant Secretary of Policy and Program Development at the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency.  Through her participation with HealthImpact, Stephanie was able to quickly partner with a variety of stakeholders to gain insights into issues and solutions surrounding the regional and national nursing workforce.  Stephanie continues to value the strategic partnership with HealthImpact from her current position as a National Nursing Policy Consultant for Kaiser Permanente.

HealthImpact is currently collaborating with Kaiser Permanente along with other health systems and academic partners to identify future roles for nurses in California as care delivery systems are dramatically transforming. As these new roles evolve, it is increasingly important to address the changes needed within nursing and interprofessional education.