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HealthImpact, a Valued Partner

Tue September 1, 2015

HealthImpact brings together seasoned leaders and new graduates representing multiple health care systems, schools, regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders to agree on ways nursing and team-based care may best serve their communities. The outcomes of HealthImpact’s collaborative efforts are used to inform nursing education and workforce planning strategies.

We started out small. We keep growing.

The story of HealthImpact is an unlikely one. A small group of nurse leaders frustrated by the cyclical nursing shortages of the 1990’s in California decided it was time to come up with a systematic approach to the crisis. They were gathered at the annual conference of the Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL), having drinks at the hotel bar after a day of meetings.

Transitioning to the best job in the world!

When Rick Becker graduated from nursing school in December of 2012, he had trouble finding a job. He was interested in a career that extended beyond the acute setting, and sought a way to become better prepared to meet community health needs.